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CommuniGate Systems launches CommuniGate Pro version 5.4 enabling telecom operators to deploy revenue generating Unified Communications services cost effectively

CommuniGate Systems launches CommuniGate Pro version 5.4. The next generation server offers massively improved performance and groupware compatibility. Operators can now easily convert email-only users into revenue generating subscribers by offering value added features

Berlin, Germany, 25 Jan 2011 - CommuniGate Systems, the leader in super efficient, massively scalable Unified Communications technology, today announces the launch of CommuniGate Pro version 5.4. The award winning CommuniGate Pro hosting platform technology now includes an array of new and improved features enabling revenue generating services and value added features such as HD Voice, mVoIP, enhanced groupware for Apple Macintosh users, improved Mobile Sync for the Android platform, iOS4 (iPhone/iPAD), and remote mailbox synchronization enabling operators to maximize their customer value with Cloud based applications.

The new and vastly improved CommuniGate Pro Unified Communications hosting platform enables Mobile and Broadband operators to offer value added services in a cloud model for residential and business subscribers. The platform is uniquely compelling because of its capability to efficiently support massive scale, without the excessive operational and commercial overheads introduced by over-engineered, overly complex and unreliable Enterprise Class Unified Communications technologies.

Incorporating the new remote mailbox and external mailbox synchronization features, CommuniGate Pro version 5.4 enables operators to offer new feature-rich services to existing fixed line and mobile customers without the initial risks involved in replacing legacy unified messaging systems.

CommuniGate Pro 5.4 features built in support for SMPP that links the platform to SMSC gateways for SMS services via the new Pronto! 4 Unified Communications interface. This enables CommuniGate Pro to use SMS as a delivery channel for many applications, including: calendar reminders, mobile originated preference management and offline instant messaging.

Version 5.4 also includes significant performance and compatibility improvements to the file system for multi-Gigabyte mailbox support. Many of the essential standards based interfaces such as AirSync, CalDav and WebDav have been re-worked for higher performance under 64bit platforms, making CommuniGate Pro more powerful and more compatible than ever.

New open standards based CardDav support, in version 5.4 allows native synchronization with contact management applications, like the Apple Mac Address Book.

CommuniGate Pro is a compact and powerful Unified Communications server platform, designed for high performance at low cost, with no planned downtime. It boasts the industry's most complete feature set in a single carrier-grade server designed for ultimate reliability in single domain or massive multi-tenant environments.

Scott Stonham, Vice President of Marketing, CommuniGate Systems commented, "Our latest CommuniGate Pro software release adds some very important features for both the end user in business environments, and carriers that are hosting cloud services. The built in SMS interface has many exciting applications and the External Synchronization features give carriers low risk options for increased service value for their legacy email customers. Business users with Apple computers and mobile devices that are becoming more and more prevalent today, will be delighted with support for Address Book and improved calendar features."

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About CommuniGate Systems
CommuniGate Systems develops carrier-grade unified communications software for fixed-line, cable and mobile operators to deliver value-added voice and multimedia services over their IP-based networks. The Company's software solutions enable service providers to deliver hosted, SaaS, or cloud-based communications, including Voice over IP (VoIP), Mobile Voice over IP (mVoIP), Unified Communications and converged mobile and fixed-line services cost-effectively at massive scale.

The Company's software comprises of the industry acclaimed CommuniGate Pro™, and the application suites Pronto!™, MobileOffice™, UC Centrex™, VoicePlus™ and MessagePlus™.

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