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CommuniGate Systems resets the playing field and raises the bar with its launch of secure Unified Messaging for Virtualization environments

CommuniGate Systems' cPanel Adaptor gives Cloud Hosting Providers more power, more performance, with super efficient technology that provides web and mobile collaboration

20th January 2013, San Francisco, California and Berlin, Germany - CommuniGate Systems, the leader in secure, super-efficient, web and mobile Unified Messaging technology announces the availability of the latest version of their open-source cPanel Adaptor kit for CommuniGate Pro. The new release is designed to enable virtualization environments to modernize their email, calendar and Instant Messaging offerings to attract and retain businesses looking to Cloud solutions for their collaborative needs.

Email, IM and the group calendar are core components to business processes and are a staple offering for web hosting companies. These "core offerings" keep the customers happy and maintain loyalty with brand retention. There are many options today for Unified Messaging, and hosting providers must evolve their offerings to stay competitive, provide better security, while still being affordable at extreme scale. Encryption and pro-active security measures are critical in today's hosting environment as Cybercrime threats plague the Internet.

The latest release of the open-source cPanel Adaptor Kit, version 1.8, now includes a blisteringly fast HTML5 webmail client called "Energy", that does not consume server resources like old-school PHP based webmail. Typically these legacy technologies spawn huge amounts of processes that consume CPU availability, and hoard precious RAM resources from other applications. The Energy HTML5 client simply outclasses these antiquated web technologies in terms of both performance and resource utilisation, allowing Virtualization hosting providers more flexibility in their resources.

Delivering more than 20x the speed compared to other email technologies for cPanel, Cloud Hosting Providers are no longer constrained by artificial performance caps or capacity limitations. CommuniGate Pro smashes through the typical cPanel default legacy email server limitations, enabling providers to deliver not just one or two emails per second, but dozens.

CommuniGate Pro is installed with the cPanel Adaptor Kit and runs entirely on the Virtualization server without additional external or dedicated hardware. This means hosting providers can deliver higher quality services, to more customers with zero additional hardware investments at scale. This is very important as Cloud providers begin to manage 1,000’s of servers with a need for supreme efficiency to turn profits.

The open source cPanel Adaptor Kit delivers more than just outstanding performance, and is based on the latest 6th generation of CommuniGate Pro. The server provides powerful email groups, distribution lists, email encryption, groupware features like shared calendaring, secure instant messaging, file sharing, as well as client provisioning, lawful intercept, DKIM, desktop, web and mobile clients. It does all of this, and more, with fewer resources than any other email technology for cPanel.

"We run 1000s of servers for our customers, so it is crucial that the technology we use is efficient and totally reliable", says Borislav Borislavov, Chief Technical Officer ICN.BG, "With this technology we have been able to more than double our capacity and are now handling much more traffic with the same infrastructure. For example, we moved one customer from an unstable 4GB Zimbra server to a 512MB virtual machine which is rock-solid thanks to CommuniGate Pro's unbelievable stability."

"In the world of Virtual Private Servers, hosting providers are constantly looking for technologies that give better performance with lower overheads, that deliver greater value to customers" says Rus Foster, Managing Director,, "Technologies like this from CommuniGate Systems will be invaluable to hosting providers in their efforts to deliver more valuable, more powerful services to their customers, whilst keeping competitive and generating healthy profits."

About CommuniGate Systems
CommuniGate Systems develops the worlds most efficient and secure Unified Messaging technology, enabling businesses of any size to better connect and collaborate. An evolution of email, CommuniGate Pro provides unprecedented security to Internet Communications for web and mobile users. The unique multi-threaded technology holds all known world records and has unchallenged performance delivering the best value to organizations that take security and efficiency seriously.

Companies that depend upon CommuniGate Pro for their secure Unified Messaging include; NASA, British Airways, SITA, US Missile and Space Command, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Los Alamos National Laboratory, Lockheed Martin, Aeroenvironiment, along with more than 15,000 businesses utilizing over 170 million accounts.

CommuniGate Systems' open-source cPanel adapter is the industry's first secure Unified Messaging technology solution for virtual server hosting environments. The software package leverages the industry acclaimed CommuniGate Pro version 6.0 server, and Pronto! the Unified Messaging client for mobile iOS /Android, web and desktop deployments.

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