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CommuniGate Systems goes open-source with a cPanel adaptor kit to spread adoption of Unified Communications in virtualized environments

In a move to stimulate Unified Communications growth in virtualized environments, CommuniGate Systems releases an open-source cPanel adaptor kit for Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting providers

4th September 2012, Berlin, Germany - CommuniGate Systems, the leader in super-efficient, massively scalable Unified Communications technology have released an open-source cPanel plugin that enables Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting providers to effectively compete in the Cloud services market.

The cPanel enablement kit empowers Virtual Server hosting providers with a way to slam-dunk expensive and complex solutions with a simple, elegant, and efficient set of services all leveraging the virtualized server in the Cloud. The hosting technology is the only totally integrated suite of services that does not require dedicated servers and costly management. Everything is installed on the same servers and virtualized using the elegant cPanel self-care interface giving the power to the end customer to manage their services like never before.

Virtual Private Server providers will now be able to offer Enterprise Grade communications services in the Cloud at a fraction of the costs to either maintain or resell solutions from Microsoft or Google.

Some of the powerful and easy to use services that are available include:

  • Secure instant messaging with the ability to link to external servers including those running Microsoft Lync or Google talk. The business can have a closed and private Chat system, with the ability to lock mobile and home systems with strong encryption and authentication.
  • Email, calendar and address book functions integrated to iOS5 devices (iPad, iPod, iPhone) Android and Microsoft Mobile. Security features include PIN code enforcement, remote device wipe, and locking the handset by IMEI for access to the Cloud.
  • Shared Cloud storage with easy and simple sharing features for group collaboration.
  • Powerful rules and policy management that allow the enterprise to adjust routing of messaging based on times of day, week, or content.

The solution makes it easy for users to set up services with automatic provisioning for iOS devices, Apple iChat and Apple iCal. Additionally, the plugin includes rich unified messaging applications for web browsers, Windows computers, Apple OSX, iOS and Android devices.

"Putting CommuniGate Pro in the cPanel ecosystem paves the way for unified communications to become the norm for even the smallest providers and their SMB customers", said Brent Kelly, Principal at KelCor Inc. and VP at Constellation Research. "Virtual hosting providers are looking for options to up-sell advanced communication solutions to their customers within the app store simplicity that technologies like cPanel bring, but without the extra overhead of running their own external servers. This technology delivers these capabilities."

The CommuniGate Pro engine is able to provide services in a super efficient, cost effective way that enables the Virtual Private Server to compete in the Small to Medium Enterprise segment. The technology uses a dynamic threading model that is optimized for multi-core Intel XEON technology with processor affinity. CommuniGate Pro continues to hold three of the industry’s most challenging performance benchmarks - an accomplishment that no other technology on the market has since been able to come close to meeting.

Together CommuniGate Pro and the open-source cPanel adaptor is the only sensible solution for Cloud Communications services in virtualized environments; running up to 50,000 accounts on one server, without the need for external dedicated machines.

About CommuniGate Systems
CommuniGate Systems develops carrier-grade Unified Communications software for service providers and telecom operators to deliver value-added voice and multimedia services over their IP-based networks. The Company's software solutions enable service providers to deliver hosted, SaaS, or cloud-based communications solutions, including Voice over IP (VoIP), Mobile Voice over IP (mVoIP), Unified Communications and converged mobile and fixed-line services cost-effectively at massive scale.

The Company's software includes the industry acclaimed CommuniGate Pro and Pronto!, the Unified Communications client for mobile, web and desktop.

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