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IP Centrex (Hosted IP PBX) is here today for hosting providers using Virtualization environments

CommuniGate Systems’ cPanel Adaptor gives Cloud Hosting Providers a game changer for the industry; technology enables VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting to go head-to-head with the telecom carrier marketplace

17 June 2013, San Francisco, California and Berlin, Germany - CommuniGate Systems, the leader in secure, super-efficient, web and mobile Unified Messaging technology announces the availability of the 3rd generation of their open-source cPanel Adaptor kit for CommuniGate Pro. The new release delivers the first in the industry "IP Centrex for VPS providers". With this technology, Web Hosting companies can deliver IP PBX services to any size business, all within the Virtualized cPanel management system.

IP Centrex has traditionally been a system for carriers and SIP Trunk solution providers due to the complexity and telecom requirements for setup and delivery of services. "IP Centrex Services" has become a vital part of the evolution to move complex IT services out of the IT closet, to a “centralized” location in the Cloud. VPS hosting providers can now provide valuable services with IP Centrex, in a simple to manage and easy to understand package that runs right inside the Virtualized environment, not requiring any dedicated servers or disruption.

The cPanel Adapter is a totally open source project, managed, maintained, and developed by a community of VPS hosting providers around the globe. The project is hosted at the Google Code site and VPS Hosting companies are encouraged to join and contribute to advance the technology for their own requirements and customer demands.

Features for the IP Centrex system included in the 3.0 release include:

  • Setup of phone extensions
  • Creation and management of Queues i.e. "support department" or "sales team"
  • Certified for SNOM IP Phones with HD Voice
  • Encryption for secure calls
  • IPv6 support
  • Pronto! HTML5 Webmail with WebRTC support for HD Voice calls
  • Secure Instant Messaging and Chat rooms
  • Email and Calendar services with Encryption features including Certificate Authority
  • Pronto! "Native" Mobile Clients available in the Apple App store and Android Store

"This new release is simply awesome for our hosting business as we can now provision a "PBX" right from the cPanel control panel, and enable powerful features for our customers that eliminates complexity of hardware on their end like a traditional PBX. For us, we do not have to set up telecom software that is horrifically expensive and super complex. What is truly amazing is that we are not cutting corners or offer anything less than an IP Centrex system from a telecom. The system is super efficient, reliable and drives brand loyalty; just awesome! said "Julan Borislavov CEO – Bulgaria's premier Cloud Hosting company".

"We are a big fan of the Freemium model that allows us to quickly introduce new and exciting features into our customer ecosystem with low impacts on time, resources and investments. The fact that we can launch IP Centrex services into our Virtualized server customer base is nothing short of amazing. The cPanel kit for CommuniGate Pro provides us a simple and well-known interface that reduces learning curves dramatically with powerful services that are elegant." - Said Rus Foster, Managing Director of – a global provider of Cloud Hosting serivces.

CommuniGate Pro is installed jointly with the cPanel management system and runs entirely on the Virtualization server without additional external or dedicated hardware. This means hosting providers can deliver higher quality services, to more customers with zero additional hardware investments at scale. This is very important as Cloud providers begin to manage 1,000's of servers with a need for supreme efficiency to turn profits.

The open source cPanel Adaptor Kit delivers more than just outstanding performance, and is based on the latest 6th generation of CommuniGate Pro. The server provides powerful email groups, distribution lists, email encryption, groupware features like shared calendaring, secure instant messaging, chat rooms, file sharing, as well as client provisioning, lawful intercept, DKIM, desktop, web and mobile clients. It does all of this, and more, with fewer resources than any other email or VoIP technology for cPanel.

About CommuniGate Systems
CommuniGate Systems develops the worlds most efficient and secure Unified Messaging technology, enabling businesses of any size to better connect and collaborate. An evolution of email, CommuniGate Pro provides unprecedented security to Internet Communications for web and mobile users. The unique multi-threaded technology holds all known world records and has un-challenged performance delivering the best value to organizations that take security and efficiency seriously.

Companies that depend upon CommuniGate Pro for their secure Unified Messaging include; NASA, British Airways, SITA, US Missile and Space Command, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Los Alamos National Laboratory, Lockheed Martin, Aeroenvironiment, along with more than 15,000 businesses utilizing over 170 million accounts.

CommuniGate Systems' open-source cPanel adapter is the industry's first secure Unified Messaging technology solution for virtual server hosting environments. The software package leverages the industry acclaimed CommuniGate Pro ver6 server, and Pronto! the Unified Messaging client for mobile iOS /Android, web and desktop deployments.

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